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ICS Background

ICS 2006, Christchurch

27th November - 1st December 2006

Doing the hongi : Ted Arnold with Richard Turner-Warwick, Atsuo Kondo Rev Maurice Gray with Helmut Madersbacher

ICS 2006

Convenor: Ted Arnold

Scientific Chair: Prof Don Wilson

The Welcome Ceremony in the Christchurch Town Hall took the form of a traditional Maori Powhiri welcome. The ceremony was led by the chief of the Ngai Tahu Maori tribe from the whole of the South Island, Rev Maurice Gray. The formalities proceeded to a hongi (rubbing of noses) of the visiting ICS dignitaries with the local group; this greeting symbolises the sharing of the spirit between people by breathing the same air.

The Town Hall was decorated with traditional Maori symbols. The Gala Dinner was held at the Westpac stadium, with a Wearable Arts demonstration, and followed by music and dancing.

Use of audience transponders was trialled. Each delegate was issued with a hand-held transponder/microphone. When a delegate wished to ask a question of a presenter, they would press a button on the transponder, which meant the Chairman could see on his monitor who it was asking the question, and if more than one, the order in which they appeared. When appropriate the Chair would activate the microphone of that transponder and invite that person to ask the question, without the need to get past other delegates to reach an aisle microphone. The system worked reasonably well but needs refinement. It was also quite expensive.

Two interactive sessions were included. The first was on a Primary Care perspective chaired by Clare Fowler, and the second on Specialist Management chaired by Don Wilson. Both focused on progressive management plans.

The AGM was marked by tensions within the ICS largely around the length of terms of office holding, the perceived lack of power sharing, the relationships some members held with Industry, and the overt hostility from some members concerning these issues. This entire disharmony led to the AGM approving the General Secretary, Walter Artibani’s recommendation that an ad hoc committee be formed to review the ICS Constitution.

Key Dates

Abstract Submission Open 1st January 2006
Abstract Submission Close 1st April 2006
Abstract Author Confirmation Close 14th May 2006
ICS 2006 Start 27th November 2006
ICS 2006 End 1st December 2006

Organising Committee

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Edwin Arnold

Annual Meeting Chair

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Don Wilson

Scientific Committee Chair