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ICS Background

ICS 2007, Rotterdam

20th - 24th August 2007

Ruud Bosch on the right with George Barbalias

ICS 2007

Convenor: Ruud Bosch

Scientific Chair: Mark Vierhout

This meeting was held from 20-24 August 2007 at the congress and concert centre “De Doelen”, Rotterdam.

The Welcome Ceremony was a Dutch evening in the Cruise Terminal of Rotterdam Harbour.

The Gala Dinner was held in the historic 15th century St Laurens Church, one of the only buildings still standing in Rotterdam after the Second World War. It is still an active church, so it was unusual to be drinking and eating and being entertained inside. It was a very good evening.

Special features of he meeting included:

  • ICS Holland House: roof top hospitality area with daily special presentations and prizes.
  • For the first time ICS workshops and educational courses were accredited within the EU-ACME programme of the European Board of Urology
  • On Sunday August 19 a Nurses education forum was held.
  • On Saturday August 25 the first CPC (Continence Promotion Committee) Public Forum was held
  • In the plenary programme two Point-counterpoint discussions were held in Rotterdam:

I. Physiotherapy is the first line treatment for women with stress urinary incontinence. Pro: Kari Bo (physiotherapist); Contra: Huub van der Vaart (urogynecologist)

II. Post radical prostatectomy incontinence: the artificial urinary sphincter is the first treatment option. For Sender Herschorn; Against: Francisco Cruz

Key Dates

Abstract Submission Open 15th February 2007
Abstract Submission Close 1st April 2007
Abstract Author Confirmation Close 14th May 2007
ICS 2007 Start 20th August 2007
ICS 2007 End 24th August 2007

Organising Committee

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JLH Bosch

Annual Meeting Chair

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Mark Vierhout

Scientific Committee Chair