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ICS Background

ICS 1991, Hanover

10th - 12th October 1991

ICS 1991

Convenor: Guus Kramer

Scientific Chair: Klaus Höfner

The meeting started very sadly with tragic news that 6 members had died when their aeroplane crashed on landing at the airport in Hanover. They were:

Heinz Kieswetter, Vienna

Nikolaus Numberger, Vienna

Ricard Steiner, Vienna

Robert Schilling, St Polten

Johannes Schmidt, Vienna

Andreas Peithner, Vienna

The meeting was highly successful despite the fact that Guus Kramer had been given only 12 months in which to organise the meeting due to a late change in venue for political reasons. The meeting chairman Guus Kramer and Klaus Höfner Scientific Chair were thanked, for a very successful meeting at such short notice.