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ICS Ethics Committee

Reports to ICS Board of Trustees



Name Role Start End Elected
Edward Stanford Chair 01/09/2011 24/10/2014
Nina Davis Geriatrician representative 01/09/2011 15/09/2016

2nd term

Andrew Farkas Gynaecologist representative 02/10/2009 03/07/2015
Suzanne Hagen Scientific Representative 02/10/2009 03/07/2015
Cristina Naranjo Ortiz Physiotherapy representative 29/08/2013 15/09/2016
Tom Rosenbaum Urologist representative 02/10/2009 03/07/2015
Safwat Tosson Urogynaecologist representative 02/10/2009 03/07/2015
Ethics Committee Meeting at ICS 2013 Barcelona