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The History of Physiotherapy in the ICS

Updated 09 May 2012 at 12:25 by Jenny Ellis

A small number of physiotherapists began attending ICS meetings in 1985. We now have 500 registered physiotherapy members! These members are involved in producing leading research in the field of physiotherapy and the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction. Pioneering research by early members such as Dr Jo Laycock and Dr Kari Bo led to the role of the physiotherapist becoming firmly established in the treatment of conservative management of urinary incontinence.

As imaging techniques have become more sophisticated, the importance of pelvic floor muscle training has increased. This treatment is now recommended as the first course of action for stress urinary incontinence.

In 2002 the Physiotherapy Roundtable was established as a small meeting outside of the main annual meeting programme, this has now flourished! The roundtable is now a large forum for scientific presentations and workshops in the field of physiotherapy. The Physiotherapy committee are focused on education, encouraging novice research, organising the roundtable and workshops and generally keeping a high profile in the field of physiotherapy on behalf of ICS.

For more information on the History of the ICS Physiotherapy Committee please see the below link.

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