Vesical and Bowel Management and Quality of Life in Spina Bifida Adult Patients: Results of a Multicenter Italian Survey

De Gennaro M1, Buffa P 2, Capitanucci M L3, Battaglino G F4, Beseghi U 5, Di Lorenzo F 6 1. Bambino Gesu' Children's Hospital, Departement of Nephro-Urology, Urodynamic Unit , 2. G.Gaslini Children's Hospital, Pediatric Surgery Unit, 3. Bambino Gesu' Children's Hospital, Dept of Nephro-Urology, 4. Ospedale Civile di Vicenza, Pediatric Surgery Unit, 5. Ospedale Generale di Parma, Pediatric Surgery Unit, 6. University of F Bologna, Pediatric Surgery Unit

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Paediatric Forum - 252b:Chaired by Wendy Bower & Jens Christian Djurhuus
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Thursday 26th August 2004
16:00 - 16:15