A Cross-Over Study for Evaluation of Functional Continuous Magnetic Stimulation (FCMS) in Patients with Urinary Incontinence on Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercise (PFME)

Suzuki T1, Yasuda K1, Yamanishi T2, Kitahara S1, Nakai H1, Yamashita T1, Sato R1, Suda S3, Ohkawa H3 1. Koshigaya Hospital Dokkyo University School of Medicine, 2. Dokkyo University School of Medicine, 3. Nihon Kohden

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Neurourology: Clinical

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Epidemiology and Outcomes Research - Maillot Room:Chaired by Mokazu Gotoh and Bob Freeman
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Friday 27th August 2004
15:15 - 15:22