Solifenacin significantly reduces both urgency severity and bother: results from the flexible dose, placebo controlled, multinational SUNRISE study

Cardozo L1, Dewilde T2, Feyereisl J3, Wadie B4, Amarenco G5, Liapis A6, Drogendijk T7, Wright M8, Bolodeoku J8 1. King's College Hospital, London, UK, 2. Stuivenberg General Hospital, 2060 Antwerp - Belgium, 3. Podolské nábřeží 157, Prague 4, Czech Republic, 4. Mansoura Urology & Nephrology centre, Mansoura, Egypt, 5. Hôpital Rothschild, Paris 12, France, 6. Aretaieion University Hospital- Maginion Institution, Athens, Greece, 7. Astellas Pharma Europe, Leiderdorp, The Netherlands, 8. Astellas Pharma Europe, Staines, UK

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