Transanal irrigation in spina bifida patients: effects on Quality of life and neurogenic bowel dysfunction

Del Popolo G1, Mosiello G2, Pilati C3, Lamartina M4, Battaglino F5, Buffa P6, Redaelli T7, Lamberti G8, Menarini M9, Di Bendetto P10, De Gennaro M2

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1. NeuUrology Unit University of Florence Italy, 2. Urodynamic and NeuroUrology Unit Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital Rome Italy, 3. Spinal Unit CTO Hospital , Rome. Italy, 4. Urology Unit Villa delle Ginestre Palermo Italy, 5. Spina Bifida Clinic , Hospital of Vicenza, Italy, 6. Department of Paediatric Surgery , Giannina Gaslini Institute, Genova Italy, 7. Spinal Unit Niguarda Hospital Milan, Italy, 8. Rehabilitation Center Caraglio Hospital Italy, 9. Montecatone Rehabilitation Center Imola, Italy, 10. Rehabilitation Institute Gervasutta, Udine Italy


27/01/2021 22:53:46