What percent of men with lower urinary tract symptoms by prostatic enlargement can continue alpha 1-blocker treatment for a long time?

Masumori N1, Fukuta F1, Tsukamoto T1, Sato E1, Tanaka Y2, Horita H3, Takeyama K4, Sunaoshi K5, Miyao N6

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LUTS in Men

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LUTS in Men
Scientific Podium Session 2
Wednesday 22nd October 2008
11:45 - 12:00
Hall A
1. Sapporo Medical University, 2. Esashi Prefectural Hospital, 3. Saiseikai Otaru Hospital, 4. Yakumo General Hospital, 5. Hokkaido Health Insurance Hospital, 6. Muroran City Hospital

Naoya Masumori