Physical findings in patients with urologic chronic pelvic pain syndromes (UCPPS)

Kotarinos R1, Fortman C1, Neville C2, Badillo S2, O'Dougherty B3, Fraser L4, Lynch A4, Odabachian L5, Sanfield A5, Fitzgerald M P1, Clemens J Q2, Potts J3

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Painful Bladder Syndromes/IC

Abstract 264
Painful Bladder Syndrome / IC
Scientific Podium Poster Session 29
Saturday 3rd October 2009
15:35 - 15:40
Hall C
1. Loyola University Medical Center, 2. Northwestern University, 3. Cleveland Clinic, 4. Stanford University School of Medicine, 5. Beaumont Hospital

Rhonda Kotarinos