Minimum Important Difference for Validated Instruments in Women with Urgency Incontinence

Dyer K1, Xu Y2, Brubaker L3, Nygaard I4, Rahn D5, Markland A6, Stoddard A2, Chai T7, Lukacz E1, for the UITN 8

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LUTS in Women

Abstract 176
Overactive Bladder Pelvic Floor
Scientific Podium Poster Session 19
Thursday 26th August 2010
16:30 - 16:35
Room 717
1. University of California-San Diego, 2. New England Research Institute, 3. Loyola University, 4. University of Utah, 5. University of Texas-Southwestern, 6. Unversity of Alabama, 7. University of Maryland, 8. Urinary Incontinence Treatment Network

Keisha Dyer