Urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction after radical prostatectomy: association with route and technique of operation

Hagen S1, Glazener C2, Boachie C2, Buckley B3, Cochran C2, Dorey G4, Grant A2, McDonald A2, McPherson G2, Moore K5, N'Dow J2, Ramsay C2

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Incontinence (Male)

Abstract 18
Male LUTS, Clinical and Basic Science
Scientific Podium Poster Session 4
Wednesday 25th August 2010
15:05 - 15:10
Room 716
1. Glasgow Caledonian University, 2. University of Aberdeen, 3. Bladder and Bowel Foundation, 4. University of the West of England, 5. University of Alberta

Suzanne Hagen