Minimum Important Differences for Scales Assessing Symptom Severity and Quality of Life in Patients with Fecal Incontinence

Jelovsek J E1, Chen Z2, Markland A D3, Brubaker L4, Dyer K Y5, Meikle S6, Rahn D D7, Siddiqui N Y8, Teteja A9, Barber M D1

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Quality of Life (QoL)

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1. Cleveland Clinic, 2. University of Michigan, 3. Department of Veteran Affairs and University of Alabama, 4. Loyola University Chicago, 5. University of California San Diego, 6. National Institute of Health, 7. University of Texas Southwestern, 8. Duke University, 9. University of Utah


06/02/2023 05:55:43