Basic Neuro-Urology

Workshop 13

Aims & Objectives

180 minutes
Neurourology: Clinical
Neurogenic bladder Principles of Management Everyday Care
This course is for nurses, physiotherapists and doctors ,who are interested in Neuro-Urology.
We assume, that the participants have no or only little experience with this subspeciality.

Prof. Heesakkers will explain why different locations of nervous lesions cause different dysfunctional patterns of detrusor and sphincter. Prof. Wyndaele will tell how informative already basic diagnostics are, however, he also explains in which situations urodynamics are essential. Therapy depends firstly on the underlying dysfunctional pattern of the lower urinary tract, secondly also on the individual patient who often has limiting co-morbidities.
Therapeutic strategies, available in 2008 will be presented in a pragmatic way by Prof. Radiszewski and Prof. Madersbacher including behavioural, physiotherapeutic, pharmacological and surgical treatment options.