Dynamic rehabilitative ultrasound for pelvic floor disorders – Introduction in techniques and hands-on-workshop

Workshop 8

Aims & Objectives

180 minutes
Rehabilitation & Conservative Treatments
Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Ultrasound Biofeedback
All health care professionals interested in pelvic floor reeducation and rehabilitation

Ultrasound can be used as a medium for pelvic floor rehabilitation by physiotherapists and other health care professionals treating women with pelvic floor disorders: Dynamic rehabilitative ultrasound. It is used to image function and dysfunction of musculo-skeletal and pelvic floor disorders. The aim is to directly evaluate the effect of muscle contraction and relaxation, e.g. bladder neck elevation and descent. Workshop participants will practice amongst each other abdominal muscle ultrasound to assess the transversus, external and internal oblique muscles as well as perineal and suprapubic ultrasound to evaluate the bladder movements during pelvic floor contraction, straining, coughing and other functional tasks.