Hands-on workshop on repair of 3rd /4th degree obstetric tears

Workshop 26

Aims & Objectives

240 minutes
Third degree tears anal sphincter repair childbirth trauma
Obstetricians, Gynaecologists, Urogynaecologists, Midwives, Colorectal nurses/surgeons, Continence advisors, Physiotherapists, Pelvic floor surgeons

To learn how to identify, repair and manage primary obstetric anal sphincter injuries.


- Understand the anatomy and physiology of the anal sphincter.
- Learn the technique and interpretation of endoanal ultrasound
- Recognise and classify anal sphincter injury
- Observe a live video and as well as a purpose built model
- Have hands on experience of repairing pig anal sphincters
- Understand the dilemmas regarding prevention and management of subsequent pregnancies
- Labour Ward protocol
- Have insight into the complications of anal sphincter trauma
- Set up a perineal clinic
- Skills to run a perineal trauma course