Successful, established and innovative concepts of pelvic floor rehabilitation

Workshop 31

Aims & Objectives

180 minutes
Rehabilitation & Conservative Treatments
Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Dynamic pelvic floor ultrasound Incontinence
urologists, urogynecologists, colorectal surgeons, researchers, residents, physiotherapists, nurses

Set as one of the aims of the IUGA Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Special Interest Group, this ICS/IUGA workshop thoroughly informs health care providers, such as gynecologists, urologists, (colorectal) surgeons, physiotherapists and nurses, about the current state and development of pelvic floor rehabilitation of adult women with different kinds of urinary and/or fecal incontinence. What are the underlying concepts and principles of these modalities of pelvic physiotherapy, what is the base for the working mechanism, what kind of patients are most suitable for these treatment modalities, and what is the level of evidence for this kind of non-surgical treatment, how is this evidence linked and how is it implemented into clinical practice.