(CPC WORKSHOP) “Listening to the Little People” Enuresis, Encopresis and Urologic Problems in Children (Webcast)

Workshop 44

Aims & Objectives

240 minutes
Enuresis Encopresis Urologic Anomilies in Children
Nurses Physiotherapists Physicians

Define Primary and Secondary Nocturnal enuresis (DE and NE)
Discuss the etiologies and treatment choices for DE and NE
Determine methods of treatment for enuresis, conservative, behavioral
and pharmaceutical.
Define constipation and encopresis.
Discuss behavioral modification in the treatment of constipation, encopresis and dysfunctional voiding.
Discuss the role of physiotherapy in incorporating these treatment modalities.
Discuss anatomical urologic abnormalities (including congenital) in children
Discuss association of anatomic abnormalities with lower urinary tract symptoms and incontinence in children.
Discuss neurogenic bladder, posterior urethral valves and ectopic ureter