Quality of life and symptom assessment in routine urogynaecological practice

Workshop 37

Aims & Objectives

180 minutes
Quality of Life (QoL)
Quality of life Psychological Impact Outcome assessment
Urogynaecologists, Urologists, physiotherapits and nurses wanting to learn about integrating QoL into routine practice
  1. To understand the principles of psychometrics: Instrument design, development, validation & terminology used in this field.

  2. To examine differences between patient centred outcomes, objective measurement of QoL & other conventional methods used in health care.

  3. To understand the practical & ethical issues surrounding HR QoLmeasurement in day-to-day practice, including the feasibility, clinical utility & impact of using questionnaires & electronic interviewing as well as issues surrounding the storage, interpretation & data protection.

  4. To explore the potential applications of questionnaires in urogynaecology, including, psychological profiling, on-line assessment, virtual clinics, long-term monitoring and self-help.