A next generation drug for Overactive bladder, TRK-130, in a Phase-IIb clinical trial in Japan; Preclinical data of potent pharmacological effects based on modulation of neurotransmission.

Kawai K1, Fujimura M1, Kanie S1, Momen S1, Izumimoto N1, Iwata M2, Okanishi S2, Hashimoto T2, Awasaki Y2, Nishida N2, Sasaki M3, Yanagita T4

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Neurourology: Basic Science

Abstract 177
Urothelium and Signal Transmission
Scientific Podium Poster Session 17
Thursday 1st September 2011
16:30 - 16:35
Hall P4
1. Toray Industries Inc. Pharmaceutical Research Laboratories, 2. Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, 3. Ina research Inc., 4. Jikei University School of Medicine

Koji Kawai