Retropubic TVT compared with transobturator TVT (TVT-O) in treatment of stress urinary incontinence: five-year results of a randomized trial

Laurikainen E1, Takala T2, Aukee P3, Kivelä A4, Rinne K5, Valpas A6, Nilsson C G7

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Surgery for Stress Incontinence

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Stress Urinary Incontinence
Scientific Podium Session 1
Wednesday 31st August 2011
09:20 - 09:35
Hall A
1. Turku University Hospital, 2. Päijät-Häme Central Hospital, 3. Central Finlan Central Hospital, 4. Oulu University Hospital, 5. Kuopio University Hospital, 6. Central Ostrobothnian Central Hospital, 7. Helsinki University Hospital

Eija Laurikainen