From passive subjects to well-informed active participant: The impact of a Citizens’ Jury on urinary incontinence self-management

Dumoulin C1, Gareau A1, Morin M2, Tang A1, Lemieux M1, Jolivest M1, Liberman D1, Jadin M3, Élliott V1, Faro-Dussault V1, Pontbriand-Drolet S1, Plouffe P1

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Incontinence (Male)

Abstract 142
Prolapse Evaluation, Lower Bowel Dysfunction and Basic Science
Scientific Podium Poster Session 14
Thursday 18th October 2012
13:25 - 13:30
1. University of Montreal, 2. University of Sherbrooke, 3. Institut universitaire de Gériatrie de Montreal

Chantale Dumoulin



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