Where is the sphincter? Pelvic Surgical Anatomy and Imaging.

Workshop 3

Workshop Schedule


Liaqat Chowoo


Sadashiv Kamath


Sophia Yue


Liaqat Chowoo



Aims & Objectives

90 minutes
pelvic surgical anatomy
urologists, gynecologists, proctologists with an interest in Incontinence and their trainees; Nurses; continence advisors physiotherapists and other supporting staff involved in managing incontinence

This 90 minute workshop is aimed at reinforcing the three dimensional pure and applied anatomy of the urinary sphincter and pelvic floor. Clinical management of incontinence will be correlated. We present a multidisciplinary approach involving a urologist, gynaecologist, colorectal surgeon and a radiologist's view of pelvis. We introduce multidimensional models to facilitate the understanding of the anatomical basis of pelvic floor reconstruction. Cross-sectional Radiology and functional anatomy will be tied in to the endoscopic and laparoscopic approach for each discipline with special reference to incontinence surgery. This will take the form of a capsule of brief didactic lectures, multimedia presentations, case discussions, & questions.