Adult Neurogenic Bladder: Current Evaluation & Advances in Clinical Management

Workshop 38

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Angelo Gousse
Stephen Kraus
Hari Siva G R Tunuguntla


Stephen Kraus




Angelo Gousse
Hari Siva G R Tunuguntla

Aims & Objectives

180 minutes
Neurourology: Clinical
Neurogenic bladder Neurourology evaluation and management
The Targeted Audience of the Workshop will be Adult Urologists, Neuro-Urologists, Internists, Geriatricians, General Practitioners, Urodynamic/Urology Nurses, and Continence Advisors.

Aims and objectives of this workshop include: 1. To correlate the various types of detrusor and sphincter dysfunction with the location of the nervous lesions 2. To present the contemporary evaluation (including applied urodynamics) of neurogenic bladder conditions 3. Comprehensive discussion on the current management of clinically significant neurogenic bladder syndromes based on the type of dysfunction and individual comorbidities 4. Presentation of evidence based current therapeutic strategies