Healthcare Resources Utilization In Subjects With Probable Overactive Bladder In Spain

Angulo J1, Brenes F2, Ochayta D3, Rejas J4, Arumí D5, Trillo S6, Lizarraga I6

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Epidemiology & Outcomes Research

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Epidemiology and Outcomes 2
Scientific Podium Poster Session 26
Friday 30th August 2013
15:10 - 15:15
Overactive Bladder Other [Health Resources, Spain] Questionnaire
1. Hospital Universitario de Getafe, department of urology, 2. Centro de atención primaria Lléfia, 3. Health Outcomes Research, Freelance, 4. Pfizer, SLU.Health Economics and Outcomes Research department, 5. Pfizer PIO, Medical Unit, 6. Pfizer Inc., Medical Unit, Spain

Javier Angulo



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