Mortality of outpatients with nocturia is not higher than that of the Japanese population

Sugino Y1, Nishizawa K2, Soda T3, Shimizu Y4, Yoshimura K5, Ogawa O1, Yoshimura K1

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Epidemiology & Outcomes Research

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Nocturia 2
Scientific Podium Poster Session 30
Friday 30th August 2013
16:55 - 17:00
Nocturia Outcomes Research Methods Questionnaire Prospective Study
1. Department of Urology, Kyoto University, 2. Department of Urology, Kurashiki Central Hospital, 3. Department of Urology, Kitano Hospital, 4. Department of Urology, West Kobe Medical Center, 5. Department of Clinical Trial Design and Management, Translational Research Center, Kyoto University Hospital

Yoshio Sugino