The New ICS Guidelines on Urodynamic Equipment Performance

Committee Activity

The ICS Standardization Steering Committee has commissioned new guidelines on urodynamic equipment performance, to update and build on the 1987 paper by Rowan et al. In order to enable members to use the guidelines fully, this workshop will cover the practical application of the specifications they contain. There will also be discussion on using the guidelines in the testing of equipment performance in the clinical department and also in the design of equipment. Attendees will be able to deepen their understanding of technical issues relating to urodynamic equipment. The session will form a part of the consultation process for the guideline with the ICS membership. Attendees will be given the opportunity to comment on document contents and suggest improvements to the committee.

Please note that this session is free to attend but pre-registration is required. Please contact Ms. Daniela Bloch at in order to register. For further questions please contact the ICS Office.

Time Topic Speaker  
09:00 What the guideline is for and what it contains Chair: Andrew Gammie, United Kingdom  
09:10 What the technical specifications mean Becky Clarkson, United States  
09:30 The role of the guidelines in clinical urodynamics Werner Schaefer, United States  
09:50 Using the guideline in calibrating and testing equipment Ron van Mastrigt, The Netherlands  
10:05 A view from industry Ing Goping, Laborie  
10:15 Discussion All  

Andrew Gammie, Chairman. Urodynamic Equipment Group members: Becky Clarkson, Chris Constantinou, Margot Damaser, Marcus Drake, Michael Drinnan, Geert Geleijnse, Derek Griffiths, Peter Rosier, Werner Schaefer, Ron van Mastrigt