Nocturia 1

Scientific Podium Session S23

Friday 30th August 2013
11:00 - 12:00
Capacity: 750

Summary by Diaa Rizk

The Turkish group presentation, given by A E Zumrutbas, questioned the definition of nocturia as waking up once at night because this may be normal, and recommended more work to re-define new cut-off values for nocturnal polyuria as well. The Belgium Group presentation, given by M Denys, was awarded the prize for innovative research on nocturnal voiding problems. They attempted to simplify the pathophysiological assessment of nocturnal polyuria by replacing the usual 8 urine samples for evaluating the circadian rhythm of excretion of sodium, solutes and urine osmolality, by only 2 urine samples taken between 6 and 8 p.m. and 3- 5 a.m. with a positive impact on patients convenience and laboratory work load. The Japanese group presentation, given by S Suekane, described the major negative influence of nocturia and sleep disturbances on the quality of life using the SF-8 questionnaire. The final presentation from the UK , given by H McElwaine-Johnn, discussed the anti-diuretic effect of a new V2 agonist drug- Fedovapagon- and the dose-related effectiveness in nocturia, pending further larger studies.

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