Anatomy and Imaging

Scientific Podium Poster Session S8

Wednesday 28th August 2013
14:00 - 15:15
Capacity: 350
22/11/2020 13:57:35

Summary by Jordi Cassadó

The application of imaging techniques, especially three-dimensional ultrasound in the study of pelvic floor dysfunctions, is still a topic that arouses interest. This session showed changes in the biometrics of the levator ani muscle depending on race and on urinary continence. During the ecography, the implementation of doppler ultrasound was also assessed in two ways: in the study of the urethra, which the vascularization decreases with age, and in an attempt to establish a pattern of normality, in the vascularization of the elevator level at its pubic insertion that facilitate the diagnosis of avulsion. Within the study of avulsion and its risk factors, MRI showed that there is some degree of correlation between the diameter of the pelvis and levator injury.

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