TLR4 increases bladder contractility through MyD88/p38MAPK activation in streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice

Ramos Filho A C1, Santos K T2, Teixeira S A2, Mónica F Z1, Muscará M N2, Costa S K2, Grant A D3, Antunes E1

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Abstract 292
Bladder Pharmacology
Scientific Podium Poster Session 17
Wednesday 22nd October 2014
15:10 - 15:15
Room 1
Voiding Dysfunction Basic Science Detrusor Overactivity Infection, Urinary Tract
1. Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medical Sciences, UNICAMP, Campinas/SP, 2. Department of Pharmacology, Institute of Biosciences (ICB-I), University of São Paulo (USP), São Paulo, 3. King’s College, London, UK

Antonio Celso Ramos Filho