Multicenter Analysis of 10 Years Follow up after Repeat Intravesical Botulinum toxin-A Injections in Patients with Detrusor Overactivity

Rahnama'i M1, Marcelissen T2, Ong F3, Snijders J4, De Vries P2, van Koeveringe G4

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Female Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) / Voiding Dysfunction

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Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms in Women 1
Scientific Podium Poster Session 20
Wednesday 22nd October 2014
15:35 - 15:40
Room 3
Detrusor Overactivity Incontinence Surgery Female Overactive Bladder
1. Maastricht University Medical Centre, 2. Atrium Medical Centre Parkstad, Heerlen, The Netherlands, 3. Orbis Medical Centre, Sittard, The Netherlands, 4. Maastricht Medical Centre +, The Netherlands

Mohammad Rahnama'i



15/05/2022 18:53:45