Percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation improves female sexual function in women with overactive bladder syndrome

Musco S1, Lumi E2, D'Amico A3, Miano R4, Parisi A I3, Topazio L2, Finazzi Agro E4

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Pelvic Pain Syndromes / Sexual Dysfunction

Abstract 44
Sexual Function
Scientific Podium Poster Session 6
Wednesday 22nd October 2014
11:40 - 11:45
Room 3
Overactive Bladder Neuromodulation Female Sexual Dysfunction
1. Neuro-Urology Unit, Careggi University Hospital, Florence, ITALY, 2. School of Specialization in Urology, Tor Vergata University, Rome, Italy, 3. Neuro-Urology Unit, Fondazione S. Lucia Rehabilitation Hospital, Rome, Italy, 4. Dept. of Experimental Medicine and Surgery, Tor Vergata University, Rome, Italy

Enrico Finazzi Agro



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