A simplified approach to distinguish between different forms of urinary incontinence using a short form of urinary incontinence questionnaire – does it correlate with the videourodynamic assessment?

Alloussi S H1, Mürtz G2, Naique S1, Michel F2, Wagenpfeil S3, Alloussi S1

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Scientific Open Discussion Poster Session 38
Thursday 23rd October 2014
13:30 - 14:30
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Questionnaire Detrusor Overactivity Stress Urinary Incontinence Mixed Urinary Incontinence
1. Hospital of Neunkirchen, Teaching Hospital of the University of Saarland, Dep. of Urology, Neunkirchen, Germany, 2. APOGEPHA Arzneimittel GmbH, Dresden, Germany, 3. Institute for Medical Biometry, Epidemiology and Medical Informatics, University of Saarland, Homburg, Germany