Ferring Satellite Symposia: Nocturia & Bedwetting

Satellite Symposium 2

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18:0018:05Welcome and introductionsMatthias Oelke
18:0518:15What is different about nocturia?Matthias Oelke
18:1518:20Discussion session 1Panel + Audience
18:2018:30Clinical relevance of the impact of nocturia on initial period of undisturbed sleepDonald Bliwise
18:3018:35Discussion session 2Panel + Audience
18:3518:45Clinical relevance of the impact of bedwetting treatment on sleep improvement and cognitive function in childrenJohan Vande Walle
18:4518:50Discussion session 3Panel + Audience
18:5019:00Nocturnal polyuria and its implicationsKarel Everaert
19:0019:05Discussion session 4Panel + Audience
19:0519:15Different patient characteristics of the nocturia populationAn-Sofie Goessaert
19:1519:20Discussion session 5Panel + Audience
19:2019:30Q&A/Wrap upPanel + Audience