Continence Awareness Forum

Committee Activity

Continence Awareness Forum
Wednesday 22nd October 2014
15:00 - 18:00
Room A
Live Translation Available
17/06/2021 03:15:00

The Continence Promotion Committee is pleased to announce that the Continence Awareness Forum will return for 2014 in Rio.

As well as the general public, we are inviting health care providers from all fields as well as patient advocacy groups. Various national patient advocacy groups exchange and share their knowledge and expertise, along with ICS opinion leaders discussing important news and changes.

We hope this will be an exchange of information regarding urinary incontinence and treatment among our countries including patients, healthcare professionals and industry representatives.


Chair Adrian Wagg

Co chair: Frankie Bates

This session will have simultaneous translation.

15.0015:05Welcome and IntroductionFrankie Bates
15:0516.00Latest treatments in Bladder Problems (OAB, SUI, Nocturia)(Expert Speakers from ICS including Gynecology , Urologists, Geriatricians, nursing and physiotherapy)
15.0515.15Behavior therapyNurse: Eliana Fonseca
15.1515.25Physical therapyPhysical therapy: Maura Seleme
15.2515.35Pharmacological therapyUrologist: Valter Honji
15.3515.45Surgical treatmentUrogynecologist: Maria Augusta T Bortolini
16.0016.15Understanding Bladder problems, Overactive Bladder, Stress Urinary Incontinence and NocturiaAdrian Wagg
16.1516.45Light meal with exhibitors
16.4516.55Incontinence in South AmericaCaio Cinta
16.5517.10A patients' perpectiveAlan Mazzoleni
17.1017.25A government's perpectoveMara Gabrili
17.2517.50Patient Advocacy Groups from around the world. Sharing our experiences
17.5518.00Questions / Discussion with Panel

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This is a free event, to register for the event please email

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