W40 ICCS workshop: Advances in Bladder and Bowel Dysfunction in Children and Adolescents (Free Workshop)

Committee Activity

13:3013:35Welcome: ICCS presentationEliane Fonseca, Brazil 
13:3513:55Anatomy of lower urinary tract and bowelJoão Antonio Correia, Brazil 
13:5514:15Neurophysiology of lower urinary tract and bowelStuart Bauer, United States 
14:1514:35Advances in Bladder and Bowel dysfunctionEliane Fonseca, Brazil 
14:3515:00NBBD Clinical evaluationRejane Bernardes, Brazil 
15:3015:50Ultrasound and non invasive urodynamic in childhoodEliane Fonseca, Brazil 
15:5016:10Non pharmacological treatmentRenata Martins, Brazil 
16:1016:30LUTD Pharmacological treatmentMario Patricolo, United Arab Emirates 

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