OnabotulinumtoxinA Significantly Improves Urinary Incontinence and Quality of Life in Overactive Bladder Patients Regardless of Incontinence Severity at Baseline

Ginsberg D1, Gruenenfelder J2, Moore C3, Kaufmann A4, Drake M5, Joshi M6, Magyar A7, Herschorn S8

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Overactive Bladder

Abstract 167
Updates on the Use of Botulinum Toxin
Scientific Podium Short Oral Session 10
Wednesday 7th October 2015
14:30 - 14:37
Overactive Bladder Incontinence Quality of Life (QoL)
1. USC Institute of Urology, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 2. Orange County Urology Associates, Laguna Hills, CA, USA, 3. Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH, USA, 4. Kliniken Maria Hilf GmbH, Mönchengladbach, Germany, 5. Bristol Urological Institute, Bristol, UK, 6. Allergan, Inc, Irvine, CA, USA, 7. Allergan, Inc, Bridgewater, NJ, USA, 8. University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada

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