Development of the ICF-Incontinence Assessment Form to identify problems and resources in male and female patients with urinary or faecal incontinence (ICF-IAF): Subproject Delphi technique survey among 262 physiotherapists in 5 German speaking countries

Koehler B1, Koenig-Barbueda I2, Isler M3, Passweg D3, Radlinger L2

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Basic Science / Translational

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Anorectal / Bowel Dysfunction

Abstract 425
Conservative Management
Scientific Podium Short Oral Session 27
Thursday 8th October 2015
15:37 - 15:45
Incontinence Male Female Outcomes Research Methods Questionnaire
1. Zurich University of Applied Sciences, 2. Bern University of Applied Sciences, 3. Stadtspital Triemli Zurich

Barbara Koehler



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