Lumbar to sacral nerve rerouting to restore voiding function in a feline spinal cord injury model: results from a pilot study

Lam Van Ba O1, Aharony S1, Carmel R2, Biardeau X2, Loutochin O1, Barbe M3, Jacques L4, Tuite G5, Ruggieri M6, Corcos J2

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Basic Science / Translational

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Animal Study Spinal Cord Injury Voiding Dysfunction
1. McGill university, Montreal , Canada, 2. McGill university, Montreal, Canada, 3. Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, USAa, 4. Department of Neurosurgery, Lady Davis Research Institute and McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 5. Neuroscience Institute, All Children’s Hospital/Johns Hopkins Medicine, Saint Petersburg, FL, USA, 6. Shriners Hospital, Philadelphia, PA, USA,