Early Career Professional Session (Open Session)

Committee Activity

Trainee Session, ICS 2013 Barcelona
Tuesday 6th October 2015
16:00 - 17:30
Learning Objectives
28/02/2024 18:38:29

The ICS is pleased to announce the third Early Career Professional Session (previously called ICS Trainee Session) at ICS 2015; the session will be for trainees, students and fellows of all disciplines.

We have prepared a relaxed session with a combination of lectures and presentations which we think will be of great interest to those just starting their careers. Young ICS members will present their abstract in a mock podium style session. However this will be a more relaxed session where a group of expert panellists will provide invaluable one to one feedback on presentation skills, slides and scientific content. A full detailed programme will follow shortly.

Also, following on from the success of last year’s event, we will also be hosting the second Early Career Professional evening out!

What is the Early Career Professional Session?

Relevant and interesting lectures by young but prominent ICS speakers will be followed by presentations from those with eposters, they will then receive feedback on their presentation skills, slides and scientific content by our panel of experts. The review panel will be made up of key ICS members. The session is open to all disciplines and a great way to get some practical experience or listen to valuable feedback which you can take forward for your next presentation or research.


|16.00|16.05|Introductions and Welcome|Kari Tikkinen|
|||Presentations by early career members- with feedback from expert panel||
|16.05|16.20|#231 - Can H Reflex be a suitable surrogate measure of bladder afferent activity?|Martin Slovak|
|16.20|16.35|#321 - Interstitial cystitis / bladder pain syndrome (ic/bps) is not related to bladder cancer: a nationwide population-based, propensity score–matched cohort study|Wei Chih Chen|
|16.35|16.50|#79 - Outcomes and Complications of Cystectomy and Urinary Diversion for Benign Indications: A Survival Analysis|Yahir Santiago-Lastra|
|16.50|17.05|#368 - The use of Total Pelvic Floor Ultrasound in the Colorectal Pelvic Floor Multidisciplinary Meeting|Alison Hainsworth|
|||Expert Speaker||
|17.05|17.25|Knowledge Translation|Keiko Shikako-Thomas|
|17.25|17.30| Open Discussion| All|

Expert Specialty
Matthias Oelke Urologist, Germany
Alan Wein Urologist, USA
Holly Richter Urogynaecologist, USA
Kari Bø Physiotherapist, Norway

How much does it cost to attend?

The session is free of charge and will be on a first come, first served basis- so please do arrive early to avoid disappointment. We welcome ICS members and non-members from all disciplines who have graduated or completed their education in their specialty field within the last 5 years.

Please note delegates must attend the session to attend the evening out.

Night Out

Following the Welcome reception all trainee session attendees and speakers will be transported by bus to the bar Apt 200. On arrival you will be provided a welcome drink followed by two complementary drinks. From there you are free to mingle with your peers or explore this fantastic and unique bar! Apt 200 boasts a unique eclectic looking interior and, as the name suggests, it is modelled after an apartment- there is a den, bedroom, living room, etc. They also offer retro arcade games, a pool table and table top hockey. Return buses will depart at 11pm.

Downloadable Agenda

Please click here for a PDF of the Early Career Session Agenda.