Symptoms of neuropathic bowel dysfunction and its management, do not relate precisely to level or completeness of a Spinal Cord Injury

Arnold E1, Frizelle F2, English S3, Losco G4, Anthony A5, Lippiatt M6, Beames L7

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Anorectal / Bowel Dysfunction

Abstract 406
Rapid Communications in Conservative Management
Scientific Podium Express Session 22
Thursday 15th September 2016
14:56 - 14:59
Hall D5
Spinal Cord Injury Bowel Evacuation Dysfunction Retrospective Study Anal Incontinence
1. Urologist (retired) Burwood Hospital, Christchurch, 2. Colorectal Surgeon, University of Otago, Christchurch, 3. Urologist, Spinal Unit, Burwood Hospital, 4. Urologist, Spinal Unit Burwood Hospital, 5. Rehabilitation Physician, Burwood Hospital, 6. Registered Bowel Nurse, Burwood Hospital, 7. Nurse Research Assistant, Burwood Academy of Independent Living

Giovanni Losco