Switch from Botox to Dysport after failure of Botox intradetrusor injections in patients with neurogenic detrusor overactivity : results of the SWIBODY study

Bottet F1, Peyronnet B2, Manunta A2, Ruffion A3, Perrouin-Verbe B4, Reiss B4, Previnaire J5, Bernuz B6, Tournebise H7, Lenne K7, Gamé X8, Karsenty G7

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Conservative Management

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Scientific Open Discussion ePoster Session 27
Friday 16th September 2016
13:10 - 13:15 (ePoster Station 7)
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Detrusor Overactivity Conservative Treatment Neuropathies: Central Multiple Sclerosis Spinal Cord Injury
1. marseille University Hospital, 2. Rennes University Hospital, 3. Lyon university hospital, 4. Nantes university hospital, 5. Berck Hopale Fondation, 6. Marseille university hospital, 7. Marseille University Hospital, 8. Toulouse University Hospital

Gilles Karsenty