A novel, evidence-based method for reprocessing catheters used for intermittent catheterisation

Macaulay M1, Morris N2, Wilks S3, Delgado D2, Prieto J4, Fader M5

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Conservative Management

Abstract 575
Devices and Management Strategies
Scientific Podium Short Oral Session 29
Friday 16th September 2016
14:45 - 14:52
Hall D5
Incontinence Infection, Urinary Tract New Devices Underactive Bladder Nursing
1. Continence & Skin Technology Group, University College London, 2. Bristol Urological Institute, 3. Centre for Biological Sciences, University of Southampton/Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southampton, 4. Faculty of health Sciences, University of Southampton, 5. Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southampton

Margaret Macaulay



22/07/2021 05:58:21