Intravesical treatment of polysaccharide alginate/collagen gel in a swine model of ketamine cystitis

Meng E1, Fan G2, Chang S3, Cherng J4, Wu S5

Research Type

Basic Science / Translational

Abstract Category

Pelvic Pain Syndromes / Sexual Dysfunction

Abstract 140
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Wednesday 13th September 2017
13:00 - 13:05 (ePoster Station 6)
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Animal Study Painful Bladder Syndrome/Interstitial Cystitis (IC) Pathophysiology Basic Science
1. Division of Urology, Department of Surgery/Tri-Service General Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC., 2. Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, National Defense Medical Center, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC., 3. School of Dentistry, National Yang-Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC., 4. Department and Graduate Institute of Biology and Anatomy, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC., 5. Division of Urology, Department of Surgery, Tri-Service General Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC.

En Meng