Abdominal massage for the relief of constipation symptoms in people with multiple sclerosis – results of a qualitative study

McClurg D1, Doran S1, Goodman K1, Harris F2, Hagen S1, Treweek S3, Norrie J3, Emmanuel A4, Norton C5, Coggrave M5, Manoukian S1

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Anorectal / Bowel Dysfunction

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Bowel Dysfunction
Scientific Podium Short Oral Session 14
Wednesday 13th September 2017
16:30 - 16:37
Cavaniglia A
Anal Incontinence Constipation Multiple Sclerosis Quality of Life (QoL)
1. Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professions Research Unit, Glasgow Caledonian University, 2. University of Stirling, 3. University of Aberdeen, 4. Univeristy College London, 5. Kings College London

Doreen McClurg



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