Abdominal massage for neurogenic bowel dysfunction in people with multiple sclerosis (AMBER - Abdominal Massage for Bowel Dysfunction Effectiveness Research)- preliminary results of a randomised controlled trial

McClurg D1, Goodman K1, Hagen S1, Manokian S1, John N2, Treweek S2, Emmanuel A3, Donnan P4, Norton C5, Harris F6, Rauchhaus P4, Doran S1

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Anorectal / Bowel Dysfunction

Best in Category Prize: Anorectal / Bowel Dysfunction
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Bowel Dysfunction
Scientific Podium Short Oral Session 14
Wednesday 13th September 2017
16:37 - 16:45
Cavaniglia A
Constipation Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Trial
1. Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professions Research Unit, Glasgow Caledonian University, 2. University of Aberdeen, 3. University College London, 4. University of Dundee, 5. Kings College London, 6. University of Stirling

Doreen McClurg



03/02/2023 23:20:47