Role of p38 MAP kinase signalling pathways in storage and voiding dysfunction in mice with spinal cord injury

Shimizu N1, Suzuki T2, Takaoka E2, Kwon J2, Wada N2, Shimizu T2, Hirayama A3, Uemura H4, Kanai A5, de Groat W6, Yoshimura N2

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Pure and Applied Science / Translational

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Abstract 731
Scientific Podium Short Oral Session 37
Friday 15th September 2017
15:22 - 15:30
Spadolini C
Basic Science Detrusor Overactivity Pathophysiology Voiding Dysfunction Spinal Cord Injury
1. Dept of Urology- University of Pittsburgh, Kindai University, Faculty of Medicine, 2. Dept of Urology- University of Pittsburgh, 3. Dept of Urology- Kindai University Nara Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, 4. Dept of Urology-Kindai University, Faculty of Medicine, 5. Dept of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, 6. Dept of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology- University of Pittsburgh

Nobutaka Shimizu



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