A study into the nursing care of institutionalized elderly women with dementia and urinary incontinence, the quality of their sleep, and daytime activeness

Mizoguchi A1, Sato K2, Utsunomiya S3, Mimata H4, Mori K4, Mizoguchi S4

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Quality of Life / Patient and Caregiver Experiences

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Scientific Podium Short Oral Session 8
Wednesday 13th September 2017
12:22 - 12:30
Spadolini D
Female Nursing Incontinence Quality of Life (QoL)
1. Oita University Faculty of Medicine,Graduate School of Medicine, 2. Oita University, Faculty of Medicine, School of Nursing, 3. Yamaga Hospital, 4. Oita University, Faculty of Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine

Akiko Mizoguchi