Non-continent urinary diversion (ileal conduit) as a salvage therapy in patients with refractory lower urinary tract dysfunctions due to multiple sclerosis: preliminary results of a national cohort study.

Chkir S1, Akakpo W2, Chinier E3, Capon G4, Peyronnet B5, Saussine C6, Baron M7, Biardeau X8, Ruffion A9, Gamé X10, Phé V2, Karsenty G1

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Wednesday 13th September 2017
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Multiple Sclerosis Surgery Quality of Life (QoL) Incontinence Voiding Dysfunction
1. Urology and Kidney Transplantation, Aix Marseille University, La Conception Hospital , Marseille, France, 2. Urology, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, La pitié Salpétrière, Paris, France, 3. Neuro Rehabilitation, Université de Nantes, Hopital Saint Jacques Nantes, France, 4. Urology, Bordeaux university, Hopital Pellegrin, Bordeaux France, 5. Urology, Renne university, Hopital Pontchaillou, Renne, France, 6. Urology, Université de Strasbourg, Hopital Hautepierre, Strasbourg, France, 7. Urology, Université de Rouen, CHU de Rouen, Rouen, France, 8. Urologie, Université de Lille, CHU de Lille, Lille, France, 9. Urology, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Hopital Lyon Sud, Pierre Bénite, France, 10. Urology, Faculté de médecine Toulouse Purpan, Hopital Rangueil, Toulouse, France

Gilles Karsenty